Bucks arena now has the best feature ever

Bucks arena now has the best feature ever

The drama in Phoenix reminded us of a hot topic in sports. Communities are subsidizing sports arenas with public funding. It makes no sense to fund a profitable business worth billions, but the owners leverage the love of the team for getting a nice check. TV rights are the most critical source of income, but arena revenue is a significant part of the equation, and brand new arenas have a million ways to help you spend your money.

In case of the Bucks, the league told new owners Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens at the time they purchased the team in 2014 that they had to submit a realistic plan to open up a new arena by the 2017-2018 or close to it. If they failed to do so, the NBA would buy the team from them and sell it to Las Vegas or Seattle. Everyone in Wisconsin relaxed when the city and the state legislature approved the plan.

Everybody has to have an app these days, and the Bucks are no different. The Bucks/Fiserv Forum app can be used to buy tickets, get in the arena and now has the most important feature for anyone over 21. They are introducing the beer button. You no longer have to leave the stands to grab a beer. You just push a button on your screen, and a beer will be delivered to your seat. 

So from now on, even if you are just a visiting fan in Milwaukee, I’m guessing you will download the app. Modern technology has caused many polarizing changes in the way we interact with each other. 

I have a feeling this one will have a 100% approval rating.