Broussard calls out LeBron and KD for being hypocritical about Steph’s greatness

Broussard calls out LeBron and KD for being hypocritical about Steph’s greatness

It seems the Steph discussions are still a thing. This time it was started by Steph’s teammate and protector, Andre Iguodala. While promoting his book “Sixth Man,” Iguodala talked about Steph’s reputation in the league and perception by other players. While on “The Breakfast Club” Iguodala said:

You know where I see it the most, the hate on Steph? It’s across the league, the other players. Some of the older players (hate) that he came in and took their shine…they hate it.

This has been a topic for a while now, players resenting Steph for several reasons. He is not your prototypical, physically dominant guy. The machismo pitch. Then you have the privileged upbringing, something most NBA players didn’t have the fortune to experience. Not only he comes from wealthy parents and a stable home, but his dad was also an NBA player! And then there is the light-skinned thing. We covered that already.

Matt Barnes, who played with Steph, contributed to the discussion. Barnes pointed out Steph is the Golden Boy who shattered the record books and changed the games. The first unanimous MVP hurts a lot of the NBA’s popular superstars. And if you think we are talking about the light skinned thing too much, here’s Matt Barnes on “The Jump”:

…not to mention the light-skinned thing and people have problems with that. Like I said, he’s the perfect example of what the NBA needs to be represented as and people don’t like that either.

The most open criticism of all the players that have such views came from Chris Broussard on FS1. He also talked about Steph being light-skinned, and that Steph has a place to be in the all-time great conversation, Broussard pointed out one interesting thing.

“Here’s the hypocrisy with NBA players hating on Steph for the way he grew up and not relating to that. They all want to raise their kids the way Steph was raised. How Bron and KD’s kids gonna be raised? The same way Steph was.”

One of the main reason LeBron came to LA is so his kids could get as much opportunity when it comes to education and basketball (for Bron Jr). Every parent wants what’s best for their kids, and it shouldn’t be held against them that they had an opportunity to grow up in a nice home with a shooting coach and an NBA dad.

Just judge them for what they do on the court.