Brooklyn now has two max slots

Brooklyn now has two max slots

We wrote a Free Agency update two days ago and mentioned the need to watch out for Brooklyn as a potential Durant-Kyrie destination. Last night Woj tweeted this.

This confirms our comment we shouldn’t sleep on Brooklyn. There is extra reporting saying that Kyrie is deciding between the Nets and Lakers, with the Nets being in the lead. 

With this move the Nets are at $39,3 million in payroll, with the cap for ’19/’20 projected at $109 million – the Nets have close to $70 million in cap space. If they wanted to sign KD and Kyrie to max deals, they would need to clear a bit more room, but they have positive assets like Joe Harris that wouldn’t be difficult to move.

Dinwiddie, Allen, Hollis-Jefferson, and Lavert are still on the roster so the Nets have enough ammo to build a roster around two max guys that would jump in the top echelon of the Eastern Conference next year. 

In a vacuum, this trade is a win for Atlanta. Crabbe is overpaid, but can still contribute and provide experience for a roster that’s just started to develop. Not to mention the draft picks that can come in handy to move up this year, what is considered a top-heavy draft.

 Atlanta now has the 8th, 10th, 17th, 35th, 41st, and 42nd pick in this year’s draft. They can either move up this year or trade some of these for future assets down the road. 

P.S. A reminder of how painfull bad contracts can be. The $39,3 million the Nets are committed to next year includes $5,474,787 to Derron Williams. 

All cap info courtesy of Basketball-Reference