Brandon Roy — Where is the former NBA All-Star?

Brandon Roy — Where is the former NBA All-Star?

The 6-foot-6 combo guard, born in Seattle, Washington, had a phenomenal start to his NBA career.

The Timberwolves selected him as the 6th pick of the 2006 NBA draft, and later traded him to the Blazers. Roy proceeded to win the ROY award in the 06/07 season. Next year he was already playing in the NBA All-Star Game.

Everything looked very promising for Roy until his career began to slow down drastically in 2010 when tests showed that a lack of cartilage in his knees was giving him trouble. He would go under the knife twice within nine months, and it became evident that his issues were likely irreversible. By the fall of 2011, Roy’s knees had degenerated so much (lost cartilage between the bones of both knees) that he decided it was best to retire from the game.

Where is he now?

Roy found his new passion — coaching. He finished up a perfect season and won a championship with Nathan Hale High School in Seattle as a first-year head coach two years ago. Everything seemed to be going perfect for Roy, until he got shot. Yes, you read that right.

In an interview about the shooting, Roy said — “It was crazy to look down at my leg, and my sweats had holes in them,” said Roy in his first public comments about the shooting. “I just couldn’t believe I was shot. It’s scary. I thought about my kids the whole time.”

Thankfully, Roy is fine, and there were no life-threatening injuries. Little information is available about the shooting other than the fact that it played a vital role in Roy, making a job change. He went back to his alma mater, Garfield High School.

Brandon Roy was one of the most clutch players in the NBA. The video below is a reminder of that. We’re happy to see Roy has found himself in coaching — and hopefully, he’ll be able to maintain a stress-free life for the years to come.