Bradley Beal response on how to stop Stephen Curry: “Probably foul the s**t out of him”

Bradley Beal response on how to stop Stephen Curry: “Probably foul the s**t out of him”

Stephen Curry put on a show last night against the Washington Wizards. The Warriors won by 22 points and Curry literally had the entire crowd mesmerized by his 51 point performance in 3 quarters. In his own fashion, he made 11 out of 16 threes, shooting 69% from beyond the arc. Yeah, you read that right, 69% percent!.

What’s also unbelievable about this performance is that a trio of Curry, Durant, and Thompson combined for 100 points which haven’t happened since 2009 when the Los Angeles Lakers trio of Bryant, Gasol, and Ariza did it.  Durant was also on fire last night scoring 30 and Klay 19 points but everyone’s attention was pointed in Stephen Curry’s direction.

After the game, it’s always interesting to hear what the players on the opposing teams think about this kind of performance. Bradley Beal who scored 23 points last night and was the best player for the Wizards was still in disbelief on what he just saw.

When the reporters asked Beal if there is a way to stop Stephen Curry he simply replied:

“Probably foul the s**t out of him, it’s probably what we should’ve done, “and even when we did that he still made them, so I don’t know.”

“We just gotta accept the challenge more, it was everybody — KD got 30, Klay had 20. Their top three guys had 100 points.”

Washington Wizards are now 1-3 and it’s probably not something they were expecting at the start of the season. On the other hand, Warriors are 4-1 and will probably have another dominant season with 60+ wins and a very good chance to three-peat.

If their core players stay on the level as they did last night against and if Curry shoots as well as he did yesterday, the entire NBA is in big trouble. And yeah, then even fouling someone probably wouldn’t make much difference either.