Boogie’s first ejection as a Warrior

Boogie’s first ejection as a Warrior

There was never any doubt this was going to happen, but the man didn’t play a single game yet! Boogie got ejected in Madison Square Garden after talking to the referee Scott Foster in the first quarter. The details of the exchange are not known, all we know comes from this transcript.

118 technical fouls and 13 ejections. That was his record before arriving to Golden State. Any other team would take on a major risk in signing Boogie who’s temper is his biggest enemy. The Warriors have 4 All-Stars and don’t need him to be the favorites, and when you factor in the $5.3 million they are paying him, everyone agreed it was an acceptable risk.

Boogie is not just another All-Star the Warriors got, he is exactly the type of player they needed to truly be dangerous in all styles of play. A skilled big that can slow the game down, take players on under the basket but also stretch the floor when necessary. Will that all happen depends on his recovery from the Achilles injury and more so will the locker room help him change his attitude and control his temper on the court.

The Warriors are the only team that can truly take on the “my way or the highway” approach with Boogie and bench him if he doesn’t change his was. There’s still a risk his presence creates friction in the locker room, especially with Draymond who recruited him to GSW and maybe in his corner when it’s not optimal for the team.

Whatever the case may be, somewhere out there someone is cashing in the outlandish bet that Boogie would get ejected even before he laces them up for the Warriors. Maybe not so outlandish after all.