Boogie under investigation for making death threats

Boogie under investigation for making death threats

It’s been a rocky few years for Boogie Cousins. He found out Sacramento traded him in front of cameras after he expressed a desire to resign there. Then just as he started to develop chemistry with AD in New Orleans, he tore his Achilles. To prove he is healthy and willing to control his temper, he joined the Warriors on a one-year $5 million redemption contract. He came back only to tear up his quad in the playoffs.

After not receiving any significant offers this summer, DeMarcus decided to join the Lakers on another redemption year contract. Then he tore his ACL, and his NBA future looked very dim. Now TMZ has broken a story that could be rock bottom and end of Boogie in the NBA for sure. 

Boogie got married to his partner Morgan Lang four days ago at the St.Regis in Atlanta. A lot of people were glad to see a happy DeMarcus after such a stressful few basketball years. It may turn out this wedding will end his career. Many of his NBA friends attended the wedding, but Boogie’s 7 year old son from a previous relationship was not there.

TMZ released a video of a man calling Cousins’ former partner Christy West asking her to allow her son to attend the wedding. She refused and the man in the recording then proceeded to say “I’m gonna make sure I put a bullet in your f**king head.”

West alleged it was DeMarcus on the phone and requested a restraining order against him until the police look into the matter. The NBA and the Lakers released public statements that they are looking into the matter and have taken the allegations seriously.