Boogie talks about finding out getting traded in front of media

DeMarcus Cousins has some of the worst injury records in the last few years. He tore his Achilles while playing for the Pelicans. He then signed a one year deal with the Warriors to rehabilitate his reputation, came back, and then tore his quad muscle in the second game of the playoffs. Made an unbelievable return only six weeks later to play in the Finals. This summer, he signed a one year deal with the Lakers and then tore his ACL. 

The last time we saw Boogie at 100% was when he was playing for the Pelicans in 2018, over two years ago. That’s why one of the most talented centers in the game has been out of the NBA zeitgeist for a while. Boogie recently opened up about finding out he was traded to the Pelicans in front of media at All-Star weekend in New Orleans of all places. In case you forgot, check it out. 

Yep, that’s Boogie being informed by the Kings PR guy that he was just traded to the Pelicans. Gotta say he played it cool. You’d think he head some heads up from the organization and his agent that this was a possibility, but it turns out it was quite the opposite situation. Boogie had no idea.

“Crazy thing is, for that All-Star game, my locker was right next to Russ. Russ is kinda’ hollerin’ at me like ‘I’m hearing some things, what’s up?‘ and I’m like ‘Bro, that’s not gonna happen.‘ So obviously, he knew something I didn’t.”

DeMarcus Cousins, All The Smoke

Please take into consideration that Boogie isn’t the champion of controlling his emotions and that he really wanted to stay in Sacramento. There was the financial aspect; the Kings were the only team that could’ve offered him the supermax. But Boogie really loves Sacramento, has deep ties in the community, and the fanbase loved him through thick and thin.

“Oh, absolutely, I wanted to finish my career there.”

DeMarcus Cousins, All The Smoke

Boogie said he understands the NBA is a business, but given everything he did for the community and the city, he felt he “deserved a little more.” You can make the trade an hour later and make sure it doesn’t happen during press conferences. But, the Kings front office hasn’t been a symbol of professionalism for a long time. Vlade Divac was new at the job, and now that we know he didn’t understand the CBA or realize he has to call the league office once he agrees on a trade, we can’t be surprised.

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