Bogdan Bogdanović explains why playing in Europe is much tougher than in the NBA

Bogdan Bogdanović explains why playing in Europe is much tougher than in the NBA

In addition to Trae Young‘s evolution this season, Bogdanovic Bogdanović is the main reason behind Atlanta‘s sustainable playoff success. The Serbian guard isn’t only a sharpshooter – he can also handle and play make, making him an amazing complementary piece to Trea and leader of the second unit. With Bogdan, the Hawks have something every team that wants to succeed in the Playoffs needs – versatility.

We all know Bogdan can play – well, everyone except the Sacramento Kings. Yet again, Kings fans get their soul crushed by watching a former player who walked out the door crush it in the Playoffs. But until now, we know Bogdan was very good in the regular season – the pressure of Playoff games is a whole different story. After winning in Game 1 against Philly, Bogdan explained why he was so poised in the Playoff environment.

“In the NBA, you’re not getting hit with coins or lighters during the free throws; they’re not gonna point lasers into your eyes. It’s super tough to score a free throw then. Now I know I’m not in that type of environment; it’s all confidence and mental [toughness].”

Bogdan Bogdanović, post-game

You may think this is an exaggeration, but actually, it’s an understatement. In certain arenas in Europe, fans don’t just throw coins – they light them on fire before throwing them on the court. When it comes to in-arena environments, Playoff games in the NBA compare to regular-season games in Europe. Ask any player to name the Top 3 craziest countries to play in, and you’ll get some order of Serbia, Greece and Turkey. Bogdan started his career in Partizan (Serbia) and prepared for the NBA in Fenerbahce (Turkey). 

The NBA is more physical and has the most dominant athletes in the world. But when it comes to pressure and expectations, players with Euroleague experience are good to go from day 1. Some of it comes from the bleachers, but we can’t forget about the coaching as well.

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