BOB MYERS ON THE LAST DANCE “It’s hard to keep something together”

One of the guys who deserves more credit for helping create the Warriors dynasty is their GM Bob Myers. He began his journey as a Warriors’ assistant GM in 2011 and was promoted to GM in April 2012. Myers was the two-time NBA Executive of the Year, and he was the leading architect of teams that won three titles and reached the NBA finals five straight years from 2015 to 2019.

The launch of the first two episodes of The Last Dance once again reminded us that NBA dynasties have an expiration date. Myers drew a parallel between the Bulls and the Warriors, talking about how it all reminded him about how hard it is to keep the dynasty going.

“When you watch something like that, it reminds you how hard it is to keep something together. That was my takeaway from it. It’s hard to understand. Even (Michael) Jordan himself said, ‘We’re winning. Let us keep trying to do this.’ But you realize that in the midst of it all, what happens with great success, and great notoriety, and great attention, and all the money, and all the fame … it’s very hard.”

Bob Myers, 457 the game radio

Every great dynasty eventually comes to its end. Staying at the top may even be more demanding than reaching it, and it’s hard to maintain that level of excellence for a more extended period. It seems that after years of success, winning becomes secondary. Players either get fed up with each other, or they simply lose motivation and want to switch it up and take on different challenges. The constant pressure of being the best and continuously proving it can be tiring.

“It’s why bands break up. Why’d that team break up? Because within all that, there are so many dynamics. And to keep it all aligned is work … you have to sacrifice. When you’re trying to win, you don’t get to do it all on your terms. But you do get to win … so it’s fascinating to watch. You get to see some of the (Scottie) Pippen stuff and some of the discord. I’m not even picking on the Bulls because it’s human nature. It almost happens to everybody. Things have a lifetime, and then they end.”

Bob Myers, 457 the game radio

Myers has firsthand experience with trying to keep a team together after being dominant for years. Unfortunately for him, the Warriors dynasty seemingly ended when Kevin Durant decided to join the Brooklyn Nets. However, unlike the Bulls who immediately adopted the rebuilding process, it seems that Golden State wants to stay relevant, and is using this season as a reset year, allowing Klay and Steph to fully heal and hoping that after all the successful years, they will be motivated again to get back to the top.