Big Baby to Zion: “Being your size cost me my career!”

Big Baby to Zion: “Being your size cost me my career!”

We’ve talked about Zion’s health and the projections for the future. From doctors analyzing his walking gate and landing pattern to Paul Pierce talking about his own experience with weight loss

But Pierce is hardly a good comparison for Zion’s body type. His former Celtics teammate Glen “Big Baby” Davis, on the other hand, is. Big Baby played at around 290 pounds and knows the effect such body weight has on a player. 

Davis was deceptively quick for his size but was nowhere near Zion’s athleticism and verticality. So everything his body went through, Zion’s body is suffering even more stress. Big Baby broke his metatarsal bone and ankle and blamed his weight for shortening his NBA career. (via TMZ):

“I broke my fifth metatarsal and my ankle because I played too big and too fast. The game is changing and he’s a naturally big guy, but at the same time, you have to adapt to the game. … That’s one of the reasons I stopped playing, because of my weight. … He has to get his weight under control, might have to lose some muscle mass, but other than that he should be OK.”

Zion’s going through his rehab and we hope to see him back on time and schedule, without any setbacks. Even better if he comes back down 10-20 pounds.