Ben Simmons shares who he has as the rookie of the year this season

Ben Simmons shares who he has as the rookie of the year this season

This NBA season has brought so many excitements and one of them is the battle for the rookie of the year award. The two main protagonists are Luka Doncic and Trae Young, who have been so well in their rookie seasons that you might even think they are both veterans with several years of experience playing in the NBA.

Doncic, on one hand, was relatively consistent throughout the entire season while Trae Young has really picked it up after New Year and they are both the main players of their respective ball clubs. There are still two weeks left in the regular season and the race for the best rookie in this class might be the closest one in years.

Various NBA analysts and fans have different views on this topic, but if you ask Ben Simmons the answer to this question is pretty clear. In an interview today, the former ROTY was asked the same questions and he believes Luka is the one this year even though he admires the Trae Young and everything he did so far this season.

“Luka for sure. And when you ask me why, the same reason as it was last year. He is playing better, his team is winning more games. Trae Young is a great though, the same as Donovan Mitchell but I think overall Luka and his team are playing a little better.”

Ben Simmons on who he has as the rookie of they year “Luka, for sure.” When asked why, “ What do you mean why, same reason as last year, he’s playing better…” from r/nba