Ben Simmons’ brother, who happens to be his shooting coach, liked a tweet blaming Embiid for the Sixers failure

Ben Simmons’ brother, who happens to be his shooting coach, liked a tweet blaming Embiid for the Sixers failure

Apologies to fans of The Fast and the Furious franchise, but Dominic Toretto isn’t the main proponent of family this summer. The Fast and the Furious franchise perpetuates this theme in grand fashion in F9, but back in 2018, there was a real-life example of this noble truth displayed by Ben Simmons and his management group.

As concerns about Ben’s commitment to improvement continue to surface due to his lackluster performance in the series against the Atlanta Hawks, it has become apparent that his family doesn’t seem to be a part of the solution.

While your family will always support you no matter what, sometimes a person struggling needs to hear the truth and not some sugarcoated version of it. Lack of accountability doesn’t help either, and it seems as if Ben’s brother Liam is looking to add fuel to the fire.

Liam liked a series of tweets calling out Joel Embiid for not having Simmons’ back in the postgame presser. While this could very well be true of Embiid, it cannot and will not eliminate Ben’s role in how the season ended for the Sixers. A few years ago, The Sixers hired long-time shooting coach John Townsend specifically to work with Simmons in the off-season to improve his shooting. Excited for the two to start working together, the front office was utterly disappointed to find out that Simmons had decided to go in a different direction.

Ben and his management team decided to hire his brother Liam, a Division Two College Basketball coach with next to no experience working with top-level talent. With a need for such glaring improvement to this aspect of his game, it’s puzzling to everyone that this would be the perceived best course of action.

The answer here is simple. Ben still needs some time to mature in the league and learn how to become a professional. It may be wrong to say that he does not commit to working on his game, but what can be confirmed here is his unwillingness to be coached. Hiring his brother only shows that he wants to do things his way and work on the things the way he wants to do so, without considering the overall team consequences. It’s foolish of Liam to like those tweets and even spark controversy because that is not his job.

The Sixers need to put a lid on this fast because after rejecting an offer including Malcolm Brogdon and a first-round pick from the Pacers, news around Ben’s character is what will turn teams away more than his shooting woes. I believe the deal for Brogdon was already a great one, and with how things are going, that might be the best one they get, especially if you’re trading for Ben and Liam Simmons.

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