Baron Davis would take less money to play in L.A. rather than N.O.

Baron Davis would take less money to play in L.A. rather than N.O.

Anthony Davis requested a trade from the Pelicans and it’s the main topic of interest for pretty much anyone in the NBA. There are several teams who immediately showed interest in Davis offering different trade packages for his services.

Nevertheless, which team AD goes too, it definitely changes things in that conference and if a team is a direct contender like the Boston Celtics it creates a totally different balance of power in the league. So far the rumors are pointing to the Los Angeles Lakers as being the preferred destination for Davis because he and LeBron James have the same agent in Rich Paul.

Los Angeles is also a much bigger market where AD could definitely increase his brand value and for Baron Davis, a former member of the New Orleans Hornets as they were once called, AD shouldn’t think for a second and immediately pack for the City of Angels.

Baron Davis played for the New Orleans Hornets in the early 2000s and stayed there for 2 and half seasons after being traded to the Golden State Warriors. Baron was born in Los Angeles and played there for UCLA during his college days so it’s obvious where the preference lies.

When Shaquille O’Neal asked Davis a question is it better to make $240 million playing in New Orleans or half of that to play in LA for the Lakers.

“I’d rather have $120 (million) and live in LA than $240 (million in New Orleans).”

Among some other topics, Davis said why he doesn’t see New Orleans as a good city for Basketball. Davis also said AD wasn’t given the support he really needed in a super competitive western conference.

Even though AD is averaging absolutely ridiculous numbers with 29 points and over 13 rebounds per game, the Pelicans are on the 12th spot in the west. Their playoff dreams are almost forgotten, especially now when AD is definitely leaving the city of jazz after staying there for over 6 years.

Whichever team wins the AD trade, will have him for the next year and a half. After his contract ends, he will yet again be a free agent so any team that makes a move for AD now is essentially gambling, but the ultimate prize is much greater.