BARON DAVIS TAKES A SHOT AT GEORGE KARL after his dispute with Mark Jackson

BARON DAVIS TAKES A SHOT AT GEORGE KARL after his dispute with Mark Jackson

For the last couple of days, there is an ongoing beef between two former NBA coaches George Karl and Mark Jackson. It was all initiated by Jackson, and it didn’t take long for Karl to respond after finding himself in those inappropriate comments from Jackson. These types of confrontations usually don’t last long, but it gets worse when other people get involved.

Former NBA player Baron Davis weighed in on this altercation by siding with Jackson, saying that Karl ruined several NBA players’ careers. Even though Davis never played under Karl, he refers to other players whose careers fell off after being coached by Karl.

How are you considered a HOF coach when you ruin more careers than you help… wins can be deceiving

Baron Davis

Everyone around the league knows Karl was hard on Carmelo because he never put the same defensive effort as he did on offense. Karl was critical of Carmelo, but since he was the franchise player, he had to adjust defensively, and he wasn’t afraid to stress out his frustration because of that. The other player that comes to mind is DeMarcus Cousins, whom Karl coached for one season when they were both members of the Sacramento Kings. Even though he signed a 4-year-long deal with the Kings, his poor record and altercations with Cousins cost him his coaching career.

Whether this dispute will continue and we’ll see more people stepping in remains to be seen, but, interestingly, not everyone within the NBA community is close with each other as they sometimes present themselves to be. Some people are obviously still holding grudges about certain things, and they are now coming out with that in public.