Baron Davis shares his appreciation for Jamal Mashburn: ‘Monster Mash was so underrated’

Baron Davis shares his appreciation for Jamal Mashburn: ‘Monster Mash was so underrated’

Every decade brings new talent and players that eventually go into the HOF. Just like there are numerous players that are remembered even after they retire, there is also a lot of underrated guys that don’t get much love and attention after their career is over.

Former NBA player Jamal Mashburn is one of those guys, and if you look at his career, you would see he was able to score buckets with ease, which was the best part of his game. Surprisingly he was only an All-Star once in his career, even though he made a case to earn it at least 2 or 3 more times if you look at his regular-season numbers. Mashburn was a crafty scorer that made it look effortlessly, and one of his big admirers is none other than Baron Davis, with whom he shared a locker room during their Charlotte Hornets days.

At the time, Davis was a young and talented point guard in the NBA, while Mashburn was an experienced veteran looking to bring additional scoring on the Hornets. In a recent interview for the Forgottenseasons podcast, Davis talked about Jamal Mashburn and how unfortunate it is that younger fans don’t know much about him or never saw him play.

Jamal Mashburn was so underrated, believe it or not. He still does not get the credit he deserves. We had a dynamic scorer, finisher, you know, in Jamal Mashburn; you had someone who could seal the game. I would pass the ball to him. I would say Mash was like; he was the safety button. You knew he was going to get the bucket; you knew he was going to score. That was the monster. Monster Mash was something else. He was embarrassing people.

Baron Davis, via Forgotten Seasons

Throughout his career, Mashburn averaged 19 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, which is pretty impressive when you consider that he played in an era filled with talented players at his position. Mashburn was never the fastest, most athletic, or the strongest player on the court, but he had an excellent feel for the game and uncanny ability to score the ball. Interestingly enough, his first few seasons with the Mavericks were the best ones in his career, but he remained consistent until a knee injury destroyed his career at the age of 31. Mashburn had a few more good years left in the tank, but like numerous other NBA players, injuries derailed his career in the worst possible timing.