Baron Davis remembers the time when he got embarrassed by John Stockton: “I couldn’t do anything with him, dude. I was glad when he was gone”

One of the toughest and most intelligent players from the ’90s is, without a doubt, the legendary Utah Jazz point guard John Stockton. Throughout his 19-year-long career, Stockton racked up assists, games, steals and was a pivotal piece in the grand scheme of the system Jazz implemented during those years.

Even though he was often the smallest player on the court, Stockton was a fierce competitor, and there are numerous stories about the competitive nature Stockton had during his playing days. Gary Payton said John Stockton was his worst matchup, which surprised many fans who thought he would referee to Jordan as the toughest player he had to guard.

In an interview for The Dan Patrick show Baron Davis, who came in the league when Stockton was slowly exiting his prime said Stockton embarrassed him several times.

“John Stockton embarrassed me dog. Stockton made me feel like a damn dog do I know how to play basketball, you know how you have that moment like s**t I am sorry dog? WTF is going on. I had never been taken out the game so fast, he had ripped me like twice. It wasn’t like rips with me handling the ball it was….me going for the outlet the wrong way, boom steal.”

Stockton was known as a leader of using the pick n roll situations, and Davis said he would often get lost in these types of situations.

He was hard-nosed, taking you under the pick, into the pick. And he was a lot bigger, taller then I thought he was too. John would just walk you all the way down to the wing, and he would walk you down to that same spot, didn’t matter if you were pressuring him or what, he knew what he wanted to do. And you were f##### when he got to that spot. I couldn’t do anything with him, dude. I was glad when he was gone, boy.”