Baron Davis remembers Jordan’s 51 point performance as a Wizard ‘That s** was crazy

Baron Davis remembers Jordan’s 51 point performance as a Wizard ‘That s** was crazy

Baron Davis was one of the most electrifying point guards from the ’00s, making a name for himself while playing for the Charlotte Hornets and then later New Orleans Hornets. With his combination of skills, size, and explosiveness Davis was a walking highlight reel capable of dropping 20-25 points against any team in the league back then. In a recent interview for the BroBible podcast, he remembers one specific game in which he wasn’t the show’s main star, but the legendary Michael Jordan put on a show for the ages.

38-year-old Jordan was a member of the Washington Wizards at that time, and right before the game against the Hornets, he had one of the worst games of his career, scoring only 6 points. He was ready for vengeance, and the Hornets, alongside Baron Davis, saw first hand what happens when you play against a motivated Michael Jordan.

Davis remembers how he and other teammates who were in charge of guarding Jordan felt helpless the entire game. Jordan resembled his former self, and after dropping 24 points in one quarter, even Davis was in awe and knew he was witnessing something special that game.

That s** was crazy because you are just sitting there and watching and thinking, ‘damn, he is killing it’. You forget what team you are on. This mother***er is out here doing everything. The coach called a timeout and said, you can’t leave this dude on an island. Then I tried to guard him, and I remember Stace Augmon saying he is going to have one of those nights; you can just feel it. It was like magic. This dude was looking at it totally different. I wish someone told us he got six points the night before. We sure needed the internet back then.

Baron Davis, via BroBible Podcast

What is so remarkable about the game against the Hornets is the mere fact Jordan was able to bounce back from one of the worst games in his entire career and shock everyone with a performance you perhaps wouldn’t expect from someone who was almost 40 years old. Something that also doesn’t get mentioned a lot is that Jordan played the New Jersey Nets after the game against the Hornets and scored 45 points continuing his hot scoring streak. Despite being 38, Jordan played heavy minutes for the Wizards and was their best player averaging 23 points per game for the entire season.