Baron Davis jokes about the early 00 L.A. Clippers ‘Ya’ll was out there losing, having fun,

Baron Davis jokes about the early 00 L.A. Clippers ‘Ya’ll was out there losing, having fun,

The Los Angeles Clippers have been a title contender for several years now, and this season is no different. Even though they haven’t successfully won their first-ever NBA championship, the franchise has a tremendous ambition to win at all costs. The current Clippers with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are a top-tier team in a strong and competitive western conference, but things looked completely different 20 years ago.

The Clippers squad from 20 years ago was extremely talented and had a lot of potential but couldn’t translate that to wins, and the team was mediocre for several years. One of the good things is that the Clippers were a fun squad to watch if you were into a team that heavily relied on offense and flashing dunks because of having many young and talented players. Players like Quentin Richardson, Correy Maggette, Lamar Odom, Darius Miles, and Elton Brand were all great individually, but they couldn’t make it work for some reason as a team.

During the Knuckleheads podcast featuring Quentin Richardson and Darius Milles, who were apart of that team, they talked about that squad with Baron Davis. Davis also came to the league and played with the Charlotte Hornets, but he was fascinated by the Clippers. Despite the fact they were losing most of the time, they were having fun and played attractive basketball. Davis joked how he wanted to join them to have as much fun playing basketball because he was inspired by what they regularly did.

Ya’ll was out there flossin’. Ya’ll was out there losing, having fun, crossing people up, throwing lobs. Ya’ll was making losing look fun. I was like, ‘Damn, I wanna go over there and lose with them fools.’ They are over there cracking. I need to go and rock with them.

Baron Davis, via Knuckleheads

Davis also recognized that they were losing because of their inexperience and youth, and things could have been different if they stayed together longer. Even though the team wasn’t great, they slowly but surely gained respect around the league as great young basketball players.

It’s good, though. You were winning, so it didn’t even matter if you won or lost, ya’ll came, you put on a show, ya’ll was young, and ya’ll was earning respect. Ya’ll earned everybody’s respect. The only reason why ya’ll were losing because you were young.