Baron Davis compares John Stockton to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning ‘He’s a leader’
He's A Leader

Baron Davis compares John Stockton to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning ‘He’s a leader’

Former NBA player Baron Davis made a guest appearance on the Endless Hustle Podcast, where he talked about his career and shared some light on the player he gave him the most problems coming to the league. Davis previously disclosed the respect he has for John Stockton and how he played the game, but this time he shared more light on what makes him stand out compared to other guards in the NBA at that time. 

According to Davis, Stockton was at all times one move ahead of everyone else, and his feel for the game was unparalleled to anything Davis saw in his basketball career up until that moment. 

He was just science. He was tactical, dude. Everything he did had a purpose. My first experience with John Stockton is I go in the game—‘Oh shit that’s John Stockton. Man I’m about to prove myself, I’m about to pick this fool off.’

He’s not even worried. He gets me all the way to the bottom of the free-throw line. I think I’m sweating, I’m playing defense and he just walks me down, walk off the pick-and-roll. It was just frustrating because he had it down to a science.

And then we take the ball out. I’m running to push it towards him. Soon as I catch the ball, I put the ball down, and he steals the ball. I’m like, ‘God damn, where this motherf*cka come from?’ He was like THAT.

Ask any NBA player and they’d tell you, like, damn where did he come from? He’s the all-time steals leader.

He don’t talk shit. He’s tough. He plays the game. He’s talking to his players, he’s a leader. And that’s what I learned from Stockton, like this shit is a science.

Everyone else after that with John Stockton was like, Yo, am I in the Matrix?’

Baron Davis, via Endless Hustle Podcast

Davis said Stockton’s pressure and dominance in their first matchup devasted him because he initially thought it would be easier to play against an old Stockton. He also made an interesting comparison of Stockton to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in the sense of being a true leader and floor general, always ready to make the right play for his teammates and put his team in the situation to win games.

I was on the bench so fast. I was in the game for like two minutes. All my life I got my certain amount of minutes, and I was on the bench in two minutes with three turnovers. And he stole the ball two out of the three times and made me turn it over a third time. That was devastating, to be frank.

He was like Tom Brady to me in basketball. He didn’t win a championship, but he’s one of them Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, precision passers. Just like, you don’t think I got a lot of mobility, but I’ll tear your ass up.”

Baron Davis, via Endless Hustle Podcast

Unfortunately, Stockton is one of those all-time great players that never won an NBA championship; however, he still holds NBA records for most assists and steals, which will probably never be broken. On the other hand, even though he is somewhat underrated among the younger generation of fans, players around the league, like Baron Davis, often shared their respect for Stockton. They view him as one of the best pure point guards they’ve ever had the opportunity to watch or compete against in their careers.