BARKLEY TO SHAQ “Don’t forget about Kobe and Dwyane Wade carrying yo fat ass”

BARKLEY TO SHAQ “Don’t forget about Kobe and Dwyane Wade carrying yo fat ass”

Previously on Inside the NBA: Shaq used his rings as a validation of his basketball opinion, not giving Chuck a window to talk, with Barkley perfectly sneaking in yet another low-blow. So basically, the usual.

The topic of the discussion was the Portland Trail Blazers‘ defensive woes, and how much will that affect them going into a play-in tournament for the eighth seed. Looking back on it – the impact was non-existent, as Portland beat the Grizzlies and clinched the final spot for the post-season. But the show aired before Saturday’s game, as Ernie, Kenny, Shaq, and Chuck were all voicing their opinions on the direction Portland needs to embark on.

That’s when another installment of Shaq and Chuck back and forth took place, as the two simply couldn’t see eye to eye. Barkley was on the ‘defense wins championships’ train, and Shaq was having none of it. According to Diesel, it’s all about the offensive end of the floor, with an emphasis on the other guys to step up and provide much-needed support to the Blazers’ backcourt. How did Shaq corroborate his take? With another, I’ve got rings rant, which has become Diesel’s go-to argument when discussing basketball with Chuck.

O’Neal proceeded to give credit to all the guys who had stepped up when their numbers were called. Guys like Big Shot Rob, B. Shaw, and James Posey were all shown appreciation by Shaq for their offensive impact during his championship runs. That’s where Chuck stepped in.

Don’t forget about Kobe and Dwyane Wade carrying yo fat ass.

Charles Barkley, Inside the NBA

Intentionally or unintentionally, Barkley’s comments went under the radar. Have they not, we would probably have a sequel of Shaq’s ‘Google me, Chuck’ rave. But despite being visibly triggered, Diesel kept his mouth shut, and that was the end of that.

Another great television moment that adds huge entertainment value to the show. But also, another immature outburst by a 7-1 NBA legend. At this point, the argument of ‘I’m an NBA champion; ergo I know what I’m talking about’ has become O’Neal’s version of the argument from authority, and I’m not buying into it. Having rings doesn’t make you any more of an expert than your Hall of Fame peer who has no NBA titles to his name.

So don’t use it, Shaq. Well, use it – it’s incredibly entertaining to watch. But don’t overuse it. It doesn’t automatically validate your basketball takes. If anything, it does exactly the opposite.