Barkley supports Gobert from self-quarantine: “I know he feels awful, and I just want to give him my best.”

Rudy Gobert’s had a rough 24 hours. He became the poster boy for the NBA suspending the season. Later we found out he acted irresponsibly, and as a result of such behavior, Donovan Mitchell also got the Coronavirus. Woj than reporter that a group of Jazz players are very frustrated with Gobert and that “The Jazz are fortunate that they don’t have to get back together and start playing games right now.” One NBA veteran felt like people are too hard on him. 

Charles Barkley let everyone know he was in self-quarantine after feeling unwell while in New York. He has been tested for the flu COVID-19 and has not gotten results back. Barkley phoned in to “Inside the NBA” to let everyone know his condition isn’t dramatic, but he felt taking precautions was the responsible thing to do. He also wanted to express support for Rudy Gobert. 

“I want to give my best to Rudy Gobert. I know a lot of people are piling on him for what happened. He made an honest mistake. Kenny and Shaq know, when you’re on an NBA team, that’s the best thing about playing; screwing around with your teammates. I know he feels awful, and I just want to give him my best.”

Charles Barkley, Inside the NBA

Gobert isn’t the only one who didn’t take the Coronavirus seriously enough. On one of the latest editions of “The Hoop Collective” podcast, Jackie McMullan admitted she hugged people while attending the Sloan Conference at MIT. According to her, a lot of NBA reporters and team employees didn’t practice social distancing. They shook hands, hugged, and did so mocking the threat. It’s time to stop pointing fingers and practice responsible behavior.

Shaq and Kenny agreed with Chuck. Rudy Gobert had an excellent reputation around the league, and no-one thinks there was bad intent. Gobert is guilty of something most of us are – underestimating the seriousness of the situation. The best thing we can do is to make sure we don’t keep doing it. If we manage to do so, we will be closer to better outcomes with the pandemic of COVID-19. The main goal now is to slow down the spread of the virus so the medical systems can handle the influx of patients.

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