Barkley: Lonzo’s ‘big mouth, jackass dad’ is piggybacking on his success

Barkley: Lonzo’s ‘big mouth, jackass dad’ is piggybacking on his success

Charles Barkley has never been one to shy away from sharing his opinion in the most honest way, since his playing days to his analyst days in which he often blesses us with funny and strong statements about the NBA world.

The Ball family and especially the father Lavar have been some of the most talked about topics the last few years in the basketball world, as Chuck doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of Lavar.

Barkley was a guest on Wednesday’s edition of “Get Up!” on ESPN, as he was asked about Lakers Guard Lonzo Ball and his relationship with his father and the brand after the fall of BBB, as Charles did not hold back on his father:

[Lonzo] should have been his own man from the beginning. You can’t let your family members try to piggyback on your success. This is his time. He’s a nice kid, he’s a good player. I’d like to see him healthy. But this thing has been a disaster from Day 1.

It was never going to work, and I feel bad, because this ol’ big mouth jackass dad has put his kid in an awkward situation all year. Like I said, I don’t want to see anything bad happen to the kid, but I don’t like his dad at all, and this thing has been a joke from the beginning.

This is not the first time Chuck criticized Lavar, as he previously said he exploited his sons as a way to make money for himself and get all the fame. But still, trough all that he always remains supportive of Lonzo Ball as a player.

At least you can always count on “Sir Charles” to tell it like it is.