Barkley blasts Westbrook for his press conference antics

Barkley blasts Westbrook for his press conference antics

Russell Westbrook has been notoriously known over his career for his bad blood relationship with reporters and showing no interest in answering the questions from the media.

Recently it has been a topic of discussion because of his ongoing beef with The Oklahoman‘s longtime columnist Berry Tramel.

He has been simply ignoring his questions by saying “Next question” every time he asks him something. Last night he switched it around to toying around with him just answering with simple phrases like “Good question” or “I don’t know”.

Although it amuses most of the fans, it seems a lot of people don’t like it and are criticizing him for it, including TNT analyst Charles Barkley who shared his thoughts during a Sunday segment of their broadcast of the NBA playoffs:

“First of all, that’s unprofessional,” Barkley said. “Part of our job is to talk to the press. We don’t make $30-40 million just to play basketball. People are gonna interrupt you when you have dinner. You have to sign autographs. You have to take pictures. Some of the other stuff is talking to the press. Russ has got to do better. Russ is a great dude. And just because a reporter says something bad about you, you don’t get the right to just say ‘next question.’”

Westbrook beef with Tramel dates all the way back to 2013 when Tramel made a column named “Mr. Unreliable” referring to then his teammate Kevin Durant after losing in a playoff game to the Grizzlies. But the Oklahoman apologized for it.

Then in 2017 Westbrook decided to intercept a question from Tramel that was directed to Steven Adams, about how the Thunder always seemed to blow leads when Westbrook exits the game. The two would get into a heated argument as Russ didn’t let Adams answer that question.

The Blazers just won the series and Russ will have a lot of questions to answer. Will this experience humble him?