Barkley blames the Warriors for Durant getting hurt

Barkley blames the Warriors for Durant getting hurt

The news of Kevin Durant rupturing his Achilles in his comeback for Game 5 of the NBA Finals has been one of the most talked about subjects the past few days, as a lot of questions are being asked, mainly who is to blame?

Everybody has their own opinion, but it seems that Charles Barkley is dead set on his one as “Sir Charles” was a guest on ESPN’s “Get Up!” show, where he talked about how he thinks the Warriors are to blame:

“That was not right. If you go back and look at the last two weeks … the articles comes out, ’KD’s worst nightmare: the Warriors are winning without him.’ Then you see an article that says the Warriors are frustrated with him unwilling to risk his Achilles,” 

“Now this man has to be feeling some sort of weight. I blame the Warriors for KD getting hurt and I don’t care what they say about it. They shouldn’t have put that man out there. You know how I know it, that man blew out his Achilles.”

“You can’t ever leave it up to a player, players always want to play … To put a guy who hasn’t played basketball in over a month into Game 5 of the Finals, that’s not fair to that man and you saw the result,” 

It has been confirmed that Durant has suffered a ruptured Achilles and will probably miss a big chunk of next season.

With his contract being up and entering free agency there is the question which team will be willing to give a max contract to a player that probably won’t play next season and even maybe never be the same again.