Bad news for NBA teams — Kevin Durant is still getting better at 33

Bad news for NBA teams — Kevin Durant is still getting better at 33

At 33 years old and barely two years since returning from an Achilles injury, Kevin Durant shouldn’t be on pace to set his personal best offensive stats, right? Well, that’s exactly what KD is doing. This sends a scary message to the entire league: the best is yet to come for KD. 

KD on pace to record his career-best this year

With 12 games into the season, KD has already registered MVP level averages of 29.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, and 5 assists per game. If he continues to play this well, he would have the best offensive season in his 14-year career. Basketball News analyzed the data that shows how good the Brooklyn Nets star is: KD is shooting career-best anywhere from 0 to 3 feet, 3 to 10 feet, and 10 to 16 feet on the floor. Moreover, his 67.4 % for overall true shooting percentage is a personal best. On top of all that, KD’s assist-to-usage rate and rebounds per game are also all-time highs. 

A Stanford study claims that players who know how to shoot the ball can prolong their careers. In the case of KD, what we are seeing is probably his next evolution: a more efficient, prolific, and lethal scorer. We all know how good Durant is, but the start of his decline was expected to show at his age. With the way he’s playing, it’s easy to forget that KD came back from an Achilles injury just a season ago. 

Only a small sample size was considered for the analysis of stats, and it’s still too early to say, but the signs are encouraging for Brooklyn fans. If Durant continues his mind-blowing form, he will for sure be in the MVP discussion once again. 

Can KD help the Brooklyn Nets reach the Finals?

An efficient KD and a healthy squad are more than enough for the Nets to make it to the finals even without Kyrie Irving. They welcomed back LaMarcus Aldridge and added veterans Paul Millsap and Patty Mills in case Harden or Durant sit out. 

Harden is still groping for form with new rules on foul baiting in place this season. Fans will be relieved that the team is built so that anyone can step up when others are absent or struggling. It remains to be seen when Irving can return to the game or if he will play at all, but his reintroduction to the scheme of things may affect the rest of the team’s performance. 

If anything, the front office can always rely on Durant’s scoring. Coming from a devastating injury and still putting up MVP numbers make KD a special player and one of the greatest ever. Fans should appreciate him as much as they can while he’s still around.