Ayesha Curry responds to rumors of having an open marriage with Steph

Ayesha Curry responds to rumors of having an open marriage with Steph

It’s always interesting when family members of NBA players get involved in issues on or off the court. It’s not nice, but it can’t be helped, such as the recent incident with Nikola Jokić’s brothers and Markieff Morris. Ayesha Curry, who usually minds her business, had to reply to an online troll who commented about her alleged marriage woes with Steph Curry. 

Ayesha Curry puts a stop to rumors regarding her marriage

The rumors about the Curry’s marriage being on the rocks started when an anonymous tip was sent to DeuxMoi Instagram. It mentioned how an NBA couple was still together to maintain their image despite having flings outside the union. No name was mentioned, but some social media commenters thought it was Ayesha and Steph Curry. Mrs. Curry posted a reaction after Steph graced the GQ cover, but an online troll had to comment and destroy the moment.

ogchimmy: “But yet you still want an open relationship. If I were him, you would have been sent to the streets already.”

ayeshacurry: “Don’t believe everything you read. Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Don’t disrespect my marriage like that. Please and thank you.”


Ayesha did the right thing to put an end to baseless rumors. She did it in a classy way, so props to her. Mrs. Curry didn’t give the troll what he wanted: elicit a strong response. Perhaps, the Jokić brothers can learn how to answer social media trolls from Mrs. Curry.

The Currys remaining strong

One of the most impressive parts of LeBron’s career is how the no.1 target in sports managed to have a scandal-free career for so long. Steph and Ayesha’s relationship could give LeBron James and Savannah a run for their money. Childhood sweethearts, the Currys have been married for over ten years now and share three children. 

Faithful, family men in the NBA are becoming rarer nowadays. In the end, whatever happens in someone’s marriage is their business. We’re here for the basketball.