Australian fans rip Ben Simmons on social media

Australian fans rip Ben Simmons on social media

It is no secret that the Philadelphia 76ers have been looking to move All-Star point guard Ben Simmons since they were eliminated from the Eastern Conference Semifinals by the Atlanta Hawks, with the asking price being similar to what Houston Rockets received for James Harden. The Sixers have not made any headway in a deal for Simmons, and the market seems to be cooling off while the asking price stays the same. 

The Australian Boomers finished with the Bronze Medal in Tokyo 2020, but they and the whole basketball believe that they can go higher, especially when they missed key players in Aron Baynes, Ryan Broekoff, and Ben Simmons. As Australia looks to 2024, Ben Simmons has another opportunity to represent the green and old then, which would make them automatic medal contenders. As they say, in the Playoffs you play eight and trust seven. The projected seven for 2024 look very respectable.

The comments section is gold, and even if the commenters are not basketball analysts, they are people who care about the games and their teams. Giving up open layups and missing free throws is one thing, but not showing up at all? Particularly when it’s your national team playing in the Olympics – those fans won’t forget. Here are the most liked comments on that post.

  • “Simmons is gonna be working at Walmart by then”
  • “Nah Simmons Button 👇🏾”
  • “The disrespect! Patty Mills should be the first person on that cover. Simmons gives zero fks about AUS.”
  • “Simmons L”
  • “not with ben simmons on the team”
  • “We don’t want Ben”

You will always find a team that will take a chance on you for the right price, but when the public loses faith in you, it is a difficult situation to come out of. NBA fans may move on, but national team fans don’t.

It’s time for Ben Simmons to look in the mirror and own his shortcomings. He can do everything on the court at an elite level except shoot. While there is so much more to the game than shooting, it is an important part of the game, and players are normally paid lots of money to do so. Ben is looking for a situation that is best for him, but what he might be overlooking at the moment is that teams don’t have the full picture of him and, therefore, cannot make an informed decision.

Any team would be lucky to have Ben Simmons for all the great things he does on the court. He is unselfish with the ball and is an elite defender that can cover many mistakes on the floor. With the recent divide of Australian basketball fans on his inclusion to the national team in 2024, the question Ben needs to answer isn’t whether or not he can make a free throw, but will he be ready to do everything possible to bring his country an olympic medal. If he cannot do it for an NBA team that pays him millions of dollars, then who will he be willing to do it for? The answer remains to be seen.