Austin Rivers called for his dad to get ejected

Austin Rivers called for his dad to get ejected

The only person that got more disrespect for having an NBA dad than Steph Curry is Austin Rivers. For a long time, he had to fight the stigma (and sometimes still has to) that the only reason he is in the league is that his dad is an NBA coach and at certain points was the Head of Basketball Operations. After last night, that won’t come up as often.

With 1:31 to go in the game, the Clippers were down 8 points when Doc lost it with the refs. As Doc explained it, he made a challenge which turned out to be correct, but the refs told him he took more than 30 seconds to call the challenge so it wouldn’t count. In that case, the Clippers shouldn’t lose a time-out. After they took a time-out and thought they had one left, they were informed they got no time-outs left. Then this happened.

Doc did point out the Clippers didn’t play good enough to win, both on offense or defense, but was adamant these kinds of mistakes can’t happen ever. What caught everyone’s eye was his son, Austin Rivers, walking up to the ref calling for a technical on his dad. When his wish was granted, he cheered and signaled to his dad to call him later. Turns out Austin knew this won’t end well for Doc:

“I did. I knew it was coming. I’ve seen that look before, many times. Once he starts blinking his eyes really fast, that’s when I know. I just tried to tell Tony to get him. He got him. He was out of here. Doc’s got to keep his cool.”

Doc was cool with Austin calling for his tech, and you know a son enjoys every opportunity to snap back at his old man. Gonna be interesting the next time the entire Rivers family is around a table.