As a coach, you can’t turn the Lakers down

As a coach, you can’t turn the Lakers down

It’s called a prep appearance, phase 2 of controlling the message. Phase 1 is leaking the concept (Magic doesn’t like Luke Walton, Jason Kidd is among the candidates) and then you watch the reactions.

Then you get Kidd on a talk show to not talk about wanting to coach the Lakers. For instance, The Jump. They opened with asking Kidd about the Cal opening, to which he gave the standard “They are a fine institution” and then we moved to the main course.

So there you go, Phase 2 has been executed. We didn’t really find anything out, but the concept of Kidd coaching the Lakers is now a bit closer to us. It would be disrespectful to openly talk about Luke Walton’s job, but I guess this is OK? As long as the Lakers brand is intact.

One of the biggest indictment on Jason Kidd is the season the Bucks are having under coach Bud. Ask any member of Bucks twitter about Jason Kidd and you will see a person not take a breath for 10-15 min in an angry rant. Giannis is the MVP, the roster is more-less the same and they are playing much better basketball. 

Kidd wasn’t really pressed on this, but he did say he used this year to refocus and learn about the younger generations by hanging around AAU teams. He said he realizes the importance of joy and not being mad about every single play that goes wrong. 

The fact he wants to learn and improve is a good thing, he didn’t just sit there and pretend all he did was a perfect prep for Bud to knock it out of the park this season. The only thing is, most critics say that his strategy (lack thereof) is his achilles heel, not motivating players.

With LeBron on the clock and his record of having young players traded for veteran performers, not sure how much motivating the Lakers will need. If you are wondering, Kidd was one of LeBron’s favorite people on Team USA at the beginning of LeBron’s career, so the elements are there. Former player, close with LeBron, still unproven as a coach (translated to won’t hold everyone accountable a la Pop or Spoelstra). 

Phase 3?  Magic thanking Luke Walton for everything he did for the Lakers organization.