Arenas call​s Payton “little and funny”

Arenas call​s Payton “little and funny”

Speaking on The No Chill Podcast, Gilbert Arenas said that NBA in the 90s was a big man game.

It was a big man game, everyone wanted to pull, we had posted up guards, remember guards back then weren’t scores, I mean but like point guards. You know, you are talking about Gary Payton, he was still considered a point guard. Back then soon as AI comes in, it’s like throwing to the two. We don’t know what that is yet, you’re talking about you know Marbury averaging 22 and 9, and he was considered a ball hog.

Arenas said that when he came to the league, he was considered a combo guard.

When I came in I was considered a combo guard. There’s just get out there, and we gonna see what we can do, and then from there it just starts opening up, so it’s like everybody became skillful. It wasn’t just the shooting guard in the sinner, so it’s like back then your power forward was anywhere from 6’4 to 6’8.

The journalist then asked him if he agrees with the statement that defense wins championships, and Agent Zero discussed it and gave his opinion about it.

There is no f***ing defense wins championships, like Anthony Mason, what is he gonna do. Like really, what is he gonna do, he’s 6’6, that’s like Westbrook right now. What’s so funny is that position got removed because of Shaq. All these sinners in college coming in, centers in High Schools (KG, Van Horn), and I am not f***ing with him, I’m gonna go against the guy who’s 6’4, so I said every position became skillful, so when the 90s talking about all yeah y’all soft, we would put y’all on your a*s. I remember GP, he was a defensive stopper, he was literally a defensive stopper. My second year, I am posting him up, you’re little, your 185, and that’s funny.

One thing’s for sure, Gilbert never holds back.