Anonymous NBA Players Vote For Most Overrated Player In The League

Anonymous NBA Players Vote For Most Overrated Player In The League

A survey created by The Athletic’s Sam Amick was conducted, as he was looking for the NBA’s most overrated players according to the players themselves.

A small sample of 47 players gave their opinions, as some of the results that he got were expected, but some of them were surprising. Here are the results:

  • Draymond Green, Russell Westbrook (17 percent)
  • Jimmy Butler, Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns (6.3 percent)
  • James Harden, Ben Simmons, LeBron James, Kyle Lowry (4.2 percent)
  • Semi Ojeleye, Kyrie Irving, Brook Lopez, Myles Turner, Luka Doncic, Hassan Whiteside, John Collins, Lonzo Ball, C.J. McCollum, Nikola Jokic, DeMarcus Cousins, Paul Millsap, Klay Thompson, Jayson Tatum (2.1 percent)

So according to the results, Draymond Green and Russell Westbrook are the NBA’s two most overrated players, at least to the small group of their peers.

There is no surprise at the top as Green and Westbrook are known for being one of the most intense and unfriendly players in the NBA, known for their trash talking as you can see how they could get under a lot of players skins.

It fits Green, as he is having a slumping season with averages of 7.5 points, 7.3 rebounds and 7.0 assists on the season while shooting only 28.5% from deep and being left wide open and being disrespected.

But on the other end, Westbrook is going to average a triple-double for the third straight season, but his field goal and free throw percentages have been pretty bad this season.

Is that enough to put him on the top of the overrated NBA players or is it just false to put a title like that next to a player of Westbrook’s magnitude? Seems most NBA players think it is.