Andrew Wiggins has been vaccinated for COVID, thus ending offseason drama with the Warriors.

Andrew Wiggins has been vaccinated for COVID, thus ending offseason drama with the Warriors.

Andrew Wiggins and the Warriors were embroiled in some offseason drama after the forward revealed his anti-vaccinations stance. This posed a problem for the team since San Francisco mandated players to get vaccinated before playing indoor games. If Wiggins did not get the vaccine, he would have to lose some pay-per-game and home games, as well. But now that the former Minnesota Timberwolves player has decided to get the vaccine, all is well for all the parties concerned. 

Basketball News reported the incident, citing a tweet from NBA insider Shams Charania.

There were rumors that if the problem would still not be solved, the Warriors would have no choice but to look for a trading partner for Andrew. Vaccination could also solve the tension between Kyrie Irving, the New York City mayor, fans, and NBA officials. 

A message to other unvaccinated NBA players?

Wiggins is a practical man. By getting jabbed, he saved his season and his chance of getting a ring with the Warriors. Klay Thompson will be back, Steph Curry will still be Steph Curry, and Draymond Green is also all-in. By solving the issue, Wiggins will now receive his pay-per-game and not risk sanctions from the NBA.

NBA legends and TV analysts have put Kyrie Irving on blast for his continued refusal to get the COVID vaccines. It’s his own choice, and he should accept the consequences of making it. Irving could lose some money, and he could also be shopped around. 

If Irving follows suit, it will send a loud message to other unvaccinated NBA players to get the job done. As one of the more prominent names to have changed his mind, Wiggins has set an example to other players and his fans.

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