Andrew Bogut shares Kelly Oubre Jr. received a reality check from Warriors teammates

Andrew Bogut shares Kelly Oubre Jr. received a reality check from Warriors teammates

The Golden State Warriors wanted to enter the 2021 season with a vengeance after the disappointing and injury-riddled 2020 season. But another injury to their star Klay Thompson derailed the Warriors’ championship aspirations. Still, with Curry and a solid supporting cast, everybody expected them to have a much better season than they are having, currently at 23-27 record and out of the playoffs.

Steph Curry has been balling, but his supporting cast has been really inconsistent with players like Draymond, Wiggins, and especially Oubre not being the most reliable help. Kelly Oubre Jr. was one of the most notable acquisitions the last offseason for the Warriors, as the athletic forward was coming off his best season yet with the Suns. In addition, he came with a $68 million tax hit for the Warriors. 

Even though he is averaging solid numbers with 15 points and 6 rebounds per game, it sort of seems Oubre doesn’t fit into the Warriors system, shooting only 43.6% from the floor and 30.5% from three-point land. In an offense that relies heavily on outside shooting, Oubre could be the odd man out.

The situation didn’t get better when head coach Steve Kerr recently talked about how next season he plans to star Curry, Klay, and Wiggins, with Oubre Jr. coming off the bench. That statement didn’t sit well with Kelly. He said he could offer a lot more than coming off the bench. Former Warriors center Andrew Bogut spoke about the Oubre situation recently on the Dubs Talk podcast and shared an inside story of how Oubre’s comments didn’t sit well with some of his teammates:

“Now I’m not gonna name the player, but I’ve heard the Warriors players didn’t take too lightly to those comments. They basically made it pretty known that Andre Iguodala, a Finals MVP, was OK coming off the bench, but we have Kelly motherf–king Oubre who won’t.”

Andrew Bogut, Dubs Talk

Bogut didn’t name the players calling Oubre out, but I have a feeling the team’s emotional leader Draymond Green was in the middle of that. And with every right. Green saw firsthand how vital Andre Iguodala was to the Warriors’ success. An All-Star caliber player that became the 6th man for one of the best dynasties in NBA history. Those type of sacrifices creates championship teams. 

If Oubre Jr. can put his ego aside, he could be a fantastic piece off the bench next season for the Warriors, providing energy, athleticism, and hopefully better shooting. That is the type of move the Warriors could use in their hunt for championship relevancy again.