Andre Iguodala shares what type of impact Steph Curry had on the NBA

Andre Iguodala shares what type of impact Steph Curry had on the NBA

Many fans, analysts, and NBA players themselves agree Steph Curry is one of the most intriguing players in recent NBA history that managed to transform and revolutionize the game to a large extent. His exceptional shooting and the sheer fact he is one of the deadliest scorers in recent NBA history, on top of all of his individual and team accolades, put Curry at the top of the league’s food chain. 

Curry’s impact on the NBA

His former teammate and partner in crime during all those championship runs, Andre Iguodala, recently talked about Curry’s impact on the game as a whole while making a generational change in the NBA.

“I think he changed the game. One thing he brought to the game that people don’t realize is you was looked as soft if you were having too much fun playing basketball. You look at Barkley, Mason, Oakley…it was weakness if you were smiling on the court. Steph [Curry] came and started laughing, shimmying and shooting from half-court, and now you see this trickle down effect… That’s a real generational effect from this one dude and it’s something special.”

Andre Iguodala, via The Breakfast Club

Consistency throughout the years

There is no question about Curry’s incredible dominance in the last 5-6 years in which the Golden State Warriors won 3 championships in 4 appearances in the NBA Finals. Even in the previous season, when they were depleted with injuries, Curry was consistent and almost put them in a position to make the playoffs, having one of the best individual seasons for his career.

According to Sidelinesources, Curry currently owns the record for most three-point shots made in a single season (402). On top of that, he’s the only player to have averaged over 25 points a game on 65 percent true shooting, accomplishing that feat on three separate occasions. Most notably, Stephen Curry, to date, is the only unanimously elected league MVP in history.

Even though many questioned if his and Warriors’ time has passed, they are perhaps one of the low-key title contenders if they remain healthy and Klay comes back being his former self. There is no question Curry will do his part on offense where he is so predictable that he is unstoppable, which is the characteristic of every legendary player. Curry definitely belongs among that elite group of NBA players.