Andre Iguodala on whether he deserved the 2015 Finals MVP over Steph Curry

Andre Iguodala on whether he deserved the 2015 Finals MVP over Steph Curry

The only blemish on Steph Curry’s otherwise all-time great resume is that he doesn’t have a Finals MVP. But many would argue he’s been robbed of one in 2015.

Curry led the Warriors to a six-game Finals win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, averaging 26 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 6.3 assists on 44.3/38.5/88.5 shooting splits. But the “Bill Russell Award” ultimately went to Andre Iguodala for his defensive efforts on LeBron James, even though he played without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love for most of the series.

Looking back on that series, the eye test says there was a case to be made that Iggy deserved the award — stats would say otherwise, although he did hold LeBron to 39.8% shooting from the floor. The fact momentum of the series shifted once Steve Kerr put him in the starting lineup in Game 4 also works in his favor.

However, the discrepancy in numbers made it seem Steph should’ve gotten the award instead. And for a long time, Iguodala himself felt the same way. Until a conversation he had with Trevor Ariza.

I was like, ‘Steph should have one of the MVPs. One of the three of them, he should have a Finals MVP.’ And I was like, ‘I’m not even that good. I lucked out and got one.’

Andre Iguodala, The Old Man and The Three

Iguodala, who is as down to earth as it gets, not overstating what he brings to the table as a basketball player, continued downplaying the impact he had on that series as the two worked out together in Miami. But Ariza didn’t allow it, giving Andre the ultimate validation for taking home the award.

I’m like, ‘I would rather Steph having a Finals MVP.’ Trevor’s like, ‘Man, hell no! Are you crazy? You deserved that. If it wasn’t for you, y’all wouldn’t have won. Don’t ever tell nobody what you just told me. You got it, and that’s forever.’ I was like, ‘OK, you’re right. That’s mine.

Andre Iguodala, The Old Man and The Three

It took a persuasive effort by his teammate to convince Iguodala he was worthy of the 2015 Finals MVP. However, he still thinks it’s absurd Curry still doesn’t have one, despite playing alongside Kevin Durant, who won the award in two consecutive years during the Warriors’ historic run.

KD’s kinda like Shaq. When it was like a point in a time where it was like, ‘who’s the best player in the league,’ Shaq don’t count. I do think Steph should’ve got one. Which one, I don’t know. One of the three. I won’t take anything away from KD, but KD is so damn good, he don’t count.

Andre Iguodala, The Old Man and The Three

The one in 2018 could’ve gone to Curry, but an off night in Game 3 (11 points on 3-16 shooting), combined with a monster performance from KD (43 points on 15-23 shooting, along with 12 rebounds and 7 assists) cost him the award. As far as 2017 goes, there’s no question Durant deserved that one.

2015 remains the only year Curry might’ve been robbed a Finals MVP. But the thief doesn’t seem too bothered about it. Not anymore, at least.

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