Andre Igoudala answers who is the better shooter between Steph and Klay

Andre Igoudala answers who is the better shooter between Steph and Klay

The evolution of the NBA game has made the three-point shot the most valuable and wanted shot in basketball. The fast-paced and offensive-minded style of play has flooded the NBA scene, with dead-eye shooters being the most desired asset and every player trying to add the long shot to their arsenal. 

You can debate what the reason for this is, but you have to admit the arrival of the Golden State Warriors dynasty, led by quite possibly the best shooting duo ever of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, killing the whole league with their shooting for years had something to do with it. It led them to three championships, a 73-9 record, and the reputation for the best team of the last decade. Age, injuries, and changes to the team put the “Splash Bro’s” out of the picture, but with both of them healthy next season, we could see the Warriors shot the lights out again and battle for championships.

Even though they are both considered to be amongst the best shooters of all time, one debate that will always spark a conversation was the question of who is the better shooter between these two. Everyone has their preference, but Andre Iguodala, who played with them for six years as the X-factor of the team, made an appearance on JJ Reddick’s podcast “The Old Man and the Three” and shared who he thinks is the better shooter:

“The only thing about Klay is, he’ll get bored…people is like who’s the better shooter Steph or Klay, and I’m like it depends on if Klay wants to play with his dog or not.”

Andre Iguodala via The Old Man and the Three

Iggy is trying to emphasize the difference in the mentality between these two players. Steph is a hard worker, always locked in and focused, while Klay, on the other hand, is notorious and loved in the NBA world for being one of the more charismatic, laid-back, and easy-going guys in the league. The downfall of that mentality is that he sometimes goes out of rhythm, having shooting slumps and being inconsistent. But when he is locked in, there is no one better.

Steph is a one-of-a-kind player, able to make shots from anywhere, over anyone, and in any way you want, while Klay is more of a standstill shooter, working off screens and assists. It’s a matter of preference, as Curry is the better shot creator, while Klay is probably the better pure shooter. Either way, you go; you can’t go wrong.

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