ANDRAY BLATCHE – The man who just wanted a triple-double

ANDRAY BLATCHE – The man who just wanted a triple-double

We all know players like to pad their stats and fill their careers with achievements, especially with a triple-double which for some players, for example, Russell Westbrook come easy. You can expect him to have a triple-double on a nightly basis. Still, for some players, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The perfect example of this is a desperate attempt in 2010 from Andray Blatche to get his first triple-double.

The Washington Wizards were hosting the New Jersey Nets in a 2010 regular-season game. With 32 seconds to go in the game, the Wizards had a comfortable 10 point lead, as Blatche had a great game with 20 points, 13 assists, and 9 rebounds, needing just one more rebound to notch the triple-double.

The Nets had possession as Blatche just let Yi Jianlian shoot the three, but the ball bounced kind of away from him. The ball was going into Brook Lopez’s hands, but Blatche ready to die for another rebound, got to it, and picked it out happily prepared to start the break with his triple-double, but the ref called the foul on him. He was mad, but he still had time to achieve his goal.

On the next possession, the Nets shot an airball from the corner, which fell right into the hand of Cartier Martin even though Andray tried to sprint in for the rebound. He got mad as Martin looked at him with confusion, while Blatche was protesting in the middle of the game because he didn’t let him get the rebound.

Continuing to top it off, with 8 seconds left Javale McGee had 2 free throws. Blatche came as far as asking Yi Jianlian to let him get the rebound, but Yi simply said no.

At the end of the game with 4 seconds left, Blatche tried to sprint to the other end of the floor and miss so he can get the rebound, but that didn’t also go his way as in the end he would be short for one rebound of his only career triple-double, but at least he got to make a whole lot of NBA fans laugh.