Alonzo Mourning shares what happened behind his iconic head-shaking GIF

Alonzo Mourning shares what happened behind his iconic head-shaking GIF

Alonzo Mourning had a tremendous HOF career that culminated with the NBA championship in 2006 while as a Miami Heat member. During that period of his career, Mourning was a shell of his former self but still provided solid minutes and, most importantly, a lot of heart and passion we’ve seen throughout his entire career. Apart from his legendary career, you can also consider that he made himself into a legend after the famous meme of him watching imaginatively while shaking his head.

I believe every single NBA fan saw this meme or gif at least once, which in some way immortalized a moment in Mourning’s career that wasn’t so great since they were losing to the Chicago Bulls by 30 points. In a recent interview for NBA Legends Lounge, Mourning explained what went through his head in that game against the Bulls.

If you are looking closely at that gif, look closely at the score. We were down by like 40. We were getting beat by the Bulls that day, I remember that game, we were getting beat by the Bulls. I think my expression spoke vibes. I didn’t even know what I realized when nodding. I’m assuming it is what it is, I can’t believe it, but yeah, it happened.

Alonzo Mourning, via NBA Legends Lounge

Interestingly enough, that game against the Bulls was their first regular-season game after coming off from a championship. The Bulls caught them by surprise and won the game by an astonishing 42 points. That even wasn’t a great Bulls squad at all, but it was one of those nights in which the Heat couldn’t hit anything while the Bulls were scorching hot from the field. No wonder Alonzo couldn’t believe what was happening, losing by that many points against a team that was pretty much the worst in the eastern conference.