Allen Iverson’s NBA Debut

Allen Iverson’s NBA Debut

„The Answer“ is one of the most iconic players in NBA history, and has spent an amazing 14 seasons in the league in which he notched many awards, while just being short of a championship.

But that career began on November 1 st, 1996 in Iverson’s official debut.

His Philadelphia 76ers were hosting the Milwaukee Bucks in the season opener. The number one overall pick had a lot of pressure on his shoulders to perform right away, as he met the high expectations of the tough Philadelphia fans.

Iverson finished with 30 points, 6 assists, and 1 steal while shooting 12 for 19 from the floor. But it wasn’t enough as the Bucks won 111-103 that night. Never the less that game marked
the begging of the Iverson era in Philly. Although he was always one of the smallest players on the floor he was the one with the biggest heart.

Also on that night, Iverson set a record for most points by a Sixer in a career debut over the last 50 years.

An interesting fact about that game was that on the other side of the floor Ray Allen also made his career debut in that game. Allen also had a good game, as he finished with 13 points.

The two had a bit of rivalry going from their college days when Georgetown and UConn would meet. They would also go on to have a share of their battles in the NBA also along their careers, most notable being the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals.