ALLEN IVERSON TALKS HIP-HOP “He’s in my top 5 of favorite rappers ever”

ALLEN IVERSON TALKS HIP-HOP “He’s in my top 5 of favorite rappers ever”

Allen Iverson is considered to be one of the NBA most significant cultural icons. He was the one who bridged the gap between basketball, hip-hop, and fashion, and was widely considered as the coolest player of the 2000s.

AI’s swagger translated on the court, as much as it did off the court, as he had an unorthodox approach to life as well as his game. Iverson was ‘pound for pound’, the greatest scorer of his generation. The guy was a dog who played raw ISO oriented basketball, which helped him create one of the most memorable basketball profiles ever.

But just as he was always himself on the court, he was always that off the court too. His persona was reflected in his mannerisms, sense of fashion, and his love for hip-hop. Maybe that’s the reason why Allen Iverson is also one of the most named dropped players in history.

“No practice here so call me Iverson / But I’ma be ready when the Finals come”

Mac Miller – “Foolin’ Around” (The High Life, 2009.)

During a recent sitdown with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson on their show “All The Smoke”, AI was asked about his favorite name drop so far. That’s when Stephen Jackson reminded the guys of the legendary Reebok commercial AI did with New York City rapper, Jadakiss.

Legendary Reebok commercials featuring Jadakiss and The Answer

“You answered it… Him! (Jadakiss) He’s in my top 5 of favorite rappers ever, so that (the Reebok commercial) meant a whole lot to me.”

A. Iverson – SHOWTIME Basketball (All The smoke)

When asked how the whole marketing campaign with Jadakiss came about, Iverson had this to say:

“They wanted to do what we wanted to do. They just wanted to do something different. They (Reebok) were always open to letting me be me. They never tried to market me or promote me as no one other than who I am and that’s why the relationship is outstanding the way it is.”

A. Iverson – SHOWTIME Basketball (All The smoke)

Later, Iverson stated that another one of his favorite name drops came from Redman, who is also in his TOP 5 list of rappers but has expressed that putting together his TOP 5 is always difficult as he doesn’t want to exclude a number of artists he considers to be great.

Unfortunately, The Answer was unable to share his TOP 5 in said interview, so we decided to share with you our top 5 Iverson name drops ever:

“My money promising/Step up in the game and cross the best like Allen Iverson”

Meek Mill – “Sparkles” (Dreamchasers, 2011.)

“Dancin’ around the club, doin’ the tango/Go hard like Iverson, playin’ with hurt ankles”

Talib Kweli – “In The Mood” (Eardrum, 2007.)

“To guide y’all through, show you how it’s done/I’m the question and the answer like Iverson”

Jay Z – “A Million and One Questions (Remix)” (In My Lifetime, Vol. 1, 1997.)

“Every shot you see them take at me? They all contested/Allen Iverson shoe deal, these niggas all in question”

Drake – “6PM in New York” (If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, 2015.)

“Now we got my block live again, look at these whips we’re riding in/Making ballin’ look easy, baby, we don’t practice like Iverson”

Chamillionaire – “Hold Up” (Elevate, 2013.)