Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson sends an emotional message to all his fans around the world

Allen Iverson made a surprising appearance on the Kwame Brown live video and shared an emotional message to all his fans worldwide.

Allen Iverson loves his fans

When Iverson got drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, he immediately made an impact that rarely few rookies or NBA players, in general, weren’t able to replicate. Iverson wasn’t just a great basketball player; he was an iconic personality that made kids all over the world believe they could be just like him because he wasn’t the tallest or the strongest player on the court. Iverson obviously was a very gifted athlete, but he seemed more like a regular guy that knew how to hoop than someone who looks like a superior athlete with whom most ordinary people can’t relate at all.

Iverson was the most popular NBA player for over a decade, and you could see kids all over the world trying to copy his style and the way he played the game. He represented the perfect combination of basketball savviness and hip-hop style that was showcased to the world in a much broader way than ever before. No matter where Iverson went, he had numerous fans wanting to see him, get his autograph or watch him play basketball.

In the video with Kwame Brown, he shared his respect for all his fans who supported him throughout these years. Even when Iverson reached the bottom and was almost bankrupt with many problems on his plate, the fans were there for him, which he will never forget, and he still believes he has the best fanbase in the world.

“There are a million mother***ers that love Allen Iverson, and there is a million mother**ers that hate him. It’s going to be like that forever. My fans are the most loyal than any fans in the world. Not even Philly fans but just all over the world, and we can go to Iceland; my fans are the dopest wherever I get off the plane in the world. Loyal fans are loyal fans; they love you for who you are. They love you when you fall down and get back up; real fans love you. All those barbershop talks and arguments they stick up with you when they know who you are. My fans are the most loyal fans in the world.

Iverson went through all the ups and downs of being a superstar athlete and a celebrity. From having all the fame and money, you could think off to going bankrupt only a few years after his NBA career was over. Luckily he is back on his feet, and it seems he is in a good place right now, enjoying life and being financially stable. He still has an enormous fanbase worldwide, and the mutual love and respect between him and his fans are still as real as it was since the first day he stepped on a basketball court in that epic number 3 Sixers jersey.