ALLEN IVERSON PARTIED FOR 72 STRAIGHT HOURS before playing in the 2001 NBA All-Star game

ALLEN IVERSON PARTIED FOR 72 STRAIGHT HOURS before playing in the 2001 NBA All-Star game

We all know, the NBA All-Star weekend is a show indented for the fans, while on the other side, most of the players also use that weekend to have fun and to play in front of a broad global audience. The All-Star weekend also allows the players to have the time to relax from the grueling schedule of the season.

One of the most prominent examples of taking that time to enjoy themselves and the best story ever is Allen Iverson in 2001. His personality defined the spirit of the All-Star weekend because he played hard and partied even harder on a nightly basis. Iverson, at that time, was perhaps one of the most iconic figures in the NBA.

He had a lot of incredible achievements throughout his career, but this story is one of the most interesting and impressive ones. Apparently, this happened during the 2001 NBA All-Star weekend in Washington, where Iverson spent his college years playing for Georgetown. He didn’t sleep and then went out and not only played in the All-Star game, but Iverson also won the MVP award and showed everyone he is the best player in the NBA at that time.

Although All-Star games are usually a light exhibition without much drama and effort from the players, this game was an exception as it had one of the most incredible endings in All-Star history. The East was trailing coming into the 4th quarter but eventually won the game 111-110. It was none other than Iverson who led the way for the East scoring 25 points, with 15 coming in the last quarter.

That game had all the ingredients to be remembered as an instant classic, and it truly delivered in every aspect. It’s even more remarkable when you know Iverson did this after partying for 72 hours straight. Iverson was known around the league as someone who wasn’t solely focused on basketball and had other interests as well; partying was one of those things at that time.