Al Harrington thinks players shouldn’t be loyal to NBA teams

Al Harrington thinks players shouldn’t be loyal to NBA teams

Numerous players said NBA is nothing but business and how there is little loyalty between the players and the owners. The last player to confirm such a statement is Al Harrington, who did while hosting on VladTV, where he talked about the relationship the players usually have with the organization in the NBA.

Harrington spent 15 seasons in the league, playing for a variety of teams, which meant he was able to see first hand how NBA teams are structured and what they want to get out of players. When Harrington served in the role of a veteran, he would always tell the young players how they should just take care of themselves and how being faithful to an organization is not a wise business decision.

“One thing I learned about this s**t is that it’s business and everybody is going to do whatever is good for them. I tell these young guys, don’t be loyal to no organization because they are not going to be loyal to you. It’s important to keep it real.”

Harrington learned from his experience playing in the NBA that both owners and the front office are going to turn down their back as soon as the player doesn’t do something in return for the organization. Therefore, this is the main reason why he was one of the first to speak up and defend LeBron when he was switching teams. Harrington believes the players have the power to play for a team that has a pleasant environment and where they will be happy.

“Do what is good for you because they will do what is good for them. The owners are billionaires and the front office people, as soon as you can’t do something for them, they are going to turn their back on you. They are faking in the beginning and act as they care. They usually have some lady that is the liaison between you and the organization, and I would say they care. But for the most part, is “what have you done for me lately” and if you feel like you want to go to another organization where you are going to be happy, then do it.”