Al Harrington on marijuana testing in NBA: Nobody’s gonna show up high and play Kevin Durant

Al Harrington on marijuana testing in NBA: Nobody’s gonna show up high and play Kevin Durant

Almost a month ago, MLB (Major League Baseball) issued a statement in which they removed marijuana from the list of drugs they are testing the players. Cannabis will now be treated the same as alcohol in a joint agreement between MLB and the players association. The NBA still hasn’t implemented such changes even though there is a lot of pressure from the players themselves.

Former NBA player Al Harrington hosted on VladTV, where he talked about the importance of NBA implementing similar rules. Harrington, who himself got into the cannabis business after his career was over believes the players should have the freedom of consuming cannabis if they think it’s the right thing for them after practice or a game.

Harrington said NBA players are professionals who understand that smoking cannabis before the game is not a good idea even though there were players who regularly played the games high. Smoking cannabis is still in some way, a taboo topic in the NBA. It’s also believed that over 70 percent of players consume the plant to a certain degree.

“Why would the player show up to the game high? We are professionals, and we know there are a time and place for everything. After the game, I’m going to blow it down; I’m going to relax, play video games and heal.”

Harrington expressed the importance of using cannabis for medical purposes, especially among players who are suffering from injuries and the pain that comes along with it. Certain cannabis products have proved to be helpful in those types of situations, and Harrington himself had tremendous benefits from these products throughout his career, and that’s why he became an avid advocate for the plant.

“There are some medical benefits of cannabis. We don’t know all of them because there isn’t proper testing, but we know for sure there are some. The more conversation we have around it, normalize and humanize this plant I think it will happen sooner than we think. “