Al Harrington explains why he thinks LeBron is the greatest player in NBA history

Al Harrington explains why he thinks LeBron is the greatest player in NBA history

Al Harrington made a guest appearance on All The Smoke podcast, where he talked about several things from his personal and professional life but also the NBA in general. Alongside Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Harrington expressed his dissatisfaction with the NBA today, predominantly because of the lack of defense and high-scoring games. They all agreed the physicality of the game is diminished, but on the other hand, players are more skilled than ever before.

They also touched upon the best players in the NBA at the moment, and Harrington said in his mind there is no doubt LeBron James is the best player in the league, but he thinks he is the best player in NBA history. Harrington said LeBron’s versatility and consistency throughout his entire career are astonishing and need respect from everyone.

“LeBron is the best player because you talk about the best basketball player and not just the best killer instinct. The fact he can play all five positions, and he has done this shit for 17 years consistently with no drop off at any time. “

Despite the fact, Harrington admires LeBron; he would start his franchise by choosing Michael Jordan instead. Harrington said people need to differentiate between someone with a killer mentality and an all-around player who will get many things on the court done equally good. If you’re going with the killer mentality narrative, Jordan is his first pick. Still, anything other than that, Harrington believes James is superior even when comparing him to other NBA legends.

“But if you ask me if I want to start an organization and I need a bad motherfucker, I’m going with Mike. Outside of that, it’s LeBron hands down over Magic, Bird, and all of them.”