AI to Payton: “Imma Michael Jordan your ass!”

AI to Payton: “Imma Michael Jordan your ass!”

One of the best things about All-Star weekend is all the legends that show up in one place. It’s fantastic to see all the icons of the NBA hanging out and sharing stories. Allen Iverson and Gary Payton gave us one of those moments.

Iverson came into the league in the’ 96/’97 season and quickly learned that he should get a good night’s sleep if they played against the Sonics the next day. All point guards knew that Payton didn’t spare no-one and brought his 100% every night. Payton, one of the best defenders in the league, always names Iverson as one of the toughest players to guard in his career. But that didn’t stop them from a little trash-talking all these years later.

AI and The Glove met in the hallway and shared a few words. Dominique Wilkins and Glen Rice were there, and Iverson immediately baited Payton into some trash talking about ‘Nique. After that short warm-up, they went to each other.

So great seeing legends have so much respect and still some competitive edge going on. Not many people get to use ‘Michael Jordan’ as a verb and have it mean something good for them, but AI is one of the few that can. His crossover on Jordan is still one of the most legendary moments in NBA history, especially cause the mic caught Phil Jackson telling Jordan, “Michael, get up on him!” The moment they ISO’d the whole crowd got on their feet.

P.S. Iverson’s overall look is spectacular, but don’t sleep on Payton’s gold watch. It’s not as flashy as AI, but The Glove also brought his A-game to the All-Star weekend.