Age didn’t matter for these teams that won an NBA championship

Age didn’t matter for these teams that won an NBA championship

When teams overhaul their roster in the offseason, it’s common knowledge that they do it to become better. The Los Angeles Lakers signed several star players, but they sacrificed the future in doing so. With its win-now mentality, can L.A. beat the odds to win a title? History tells us that other teams were able to pull it off.

New signings mean win-now for LeBron James

The recent signings prove there is a sense of urgency now for LeBron James to collect another ring. The sense of desperation also comes from veterans who are still searching for their first title. Carmelo Anthony, a former rival of James, is looking to end an 18-year drought. The same can be said for Russell Westbrook, who lost against LeBron when he was still in Oklahoma City. Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, and Trevor Ariza all signed in hopes of winning another chip. 

Critics argue the Lakers are old, but fans claim their recent signings add a much-needed experience. As veterans who know how to sacrifice minutes and perform in specific roles, each Lakers player knows how to win, but they need to figure out how to win together. The regular season will be spent on that, trying to figure things out while staying in contention for the offseason. If Los Angeles is looking for a blueprint on pulling it off with an aging roster, they have a few teams who can do it.

Oldest teams to win NBA championships

The average age of the L.A. Lakers is 32.4 years old. It’s not going to be easy to win a title, and if they go on to win one, they will enter the history books at the oldest team in the NBA to do it. 

The 1997-98 Chicago Bulls currently hold the record with 32.096 average age. That team was led by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. It was the last dance of the Bulls, and the team broke up after. Jordan retired, and the core soon left and played for other teams.

The 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks stand at 2nd place in the all-time list with 31.6 average age. That lineup was bannered by Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, and Peja Stojakovic. Dallas beat the LeBron James-led Miami Heat back then. If James learned his lesson, he would have no problems leading the Lakers to the finals with an aging core. 

You can view the oldest and the youngest teams to win an NBA championship on this LINK

Stacking up the team with players who were once superstars can be tricky. The ego has to be taken out of the picture. Can Melo be efficient with fewer touches? Can Westbrook and Rondo co-exist after having endless battles on opposing teams before? Like any championship team proved in history, chemistry will be crucial. No matter the team’s age, as long as the players learn to play for each other, the path to the title becomes more achievable.