Adrian Wojnarowski is convinced the Los Angeles Lakers won’t be able to sign another All-Star during the summer

After landing Anthony Davis in a blockbuster trade that featured several players and draft picks, the Los Angeles Lakers have been in the main focus of the media. There are several indications they will pursue more all-star caliber players in the upcoming weeks in order to form a team capable of winning a championship next season.

There are several names closely connected with the Lakers and NBA analysts are positive they will be able to land another solid piece, especially now that they have Davis on board as well. According to various reports, the Lakers are chasing players like Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, Kyrie Irving, Kemba Walker and several other players who can help them immediately.

Adrian Wojnarowski who hosted on ESPN’s show Get up said the Lakers chance of landing a big name in the free agency is actually pretty slim. He also said they made a poor decision in trading so many assets for only one player who is prone to injury with several other question marks surrounding his engagement.

“They’re not getting Kawhi Leonard. They’re not getting Kyrie Irving. Klay Thompson is injured, KD is out next year. They weren’t getting any of those players to begin with. When you are getting to the next tier, you’re better off not putting all the money into one guy.”