Adidas dropping two iconic Kobe shoes in 2022

Adidas dropping two iconic Kobe shoes in 2022

After Kobe Bryant’s estate announced it would end its partnership with Nike, fans wondered what’s next for the legend’s shoes and merchandise. Now, it seems that Adidas will be releasing Kobe’s sneakers from their collection. 

Kobe and Adidas

Before signing with Nike in 2003, Bryant was rocking with Adidas. He released several basketball shoes with the German company. It was announced that Adidas would re-release two signature shoes of the former league MVP: the Kobe 1 and EQT Elevation. Bryant wore the former in 2001 while the latter was first seen in 1997. 

Kobe Bryant’s Kobe 1 signature shoe from Adidas. Image via Adidas
The Adidas EQT Elevation that Bryant wore in the 1997 Slam Dunk Contest will retro in 2022. Image via Adidas

For sure, fans will snap these off the racks once released. The Kobe Adidas sneakers bring that vintage vibe, not to mention nostalgia, and added reverence to the merchandise of the Hall of Famer, who passed away in 2020. If these releases are limited, expect the prices to go up and even higher in the reseller market. Many business-minded sneakerheads will probably get several pairs and keep it as a collection or wait for the prices to skyrocket before selling it.

Adidas doing it without Kobe’s name

The report added that Adidas will likely not use his name on the shoes. This happened before when the sportswear manufacturer released merch when The Black Mamba was still with Nike. This move may have been done out of respect to the late player. Manufacturers will be careful not to make it look like they are milking Kobe’s death to increase sales. This is a good move for both Kobe’s estate and other brands he collaborated with. His legacy will still move on and fans can enjoy more merchandise because the rights to release them are now with his family and not a single corporation. 

One of the greatest what-ifs we found out about after Kobe’s death was that he wasn’t happy with Nike and was preparing to launch his own shoe line. Knowing Bryant, it would’ve been a massive success. RIP Kobe. 

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